CS Cone Crusher

CS Cone Crusher

With full intelligent and automatic controlling system and adopting PLC touch screen control mode.

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CS series single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers adopt the world's most advanced crushing technology. the new structure integrating mechanics, hydraulics, intelligent-control and other technologies, together with optimized inter particle crushing cavity and full-intelligent automatic control system, endows the CS with excellent performance that traditional cone crushers cannot compare with: various crushing cavities, high crushing efficiency, low operation Cost, easy maintenance and cube sized product. CS series cone crusher can be widely applied to secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing process.

Product Features 

+ 20%一30% higher Capacity; The capacity of is 20%一30% higher than that of spring cone crusher with the movable cones of the same diameter.

- 10% Low operating cost; All the maintenance work can be completed after removing the upper frame, while CS(H) cone crusher not only makes the device inspection and maintenance easier but also reduces the maintenance cost. Dust and other unwanted particles can be prevented from entering the cavity by ensuring that the cavity's inner pressure is always higher than its external pressure. Thus, the damage of bearings and maintenance work is reduced. The life cycle of lubricatingoil and device are extended.In addition, the compact design of main maine saves installation space, while CS(H) cone crusher making the device easy to move.

High Efficiency; The high performance of CS series cone crushers depends on the perfect match between different components. With a perfect integration of eccentricity, cavity and equipment motion parameters have achieved stronger crushing force, higher speed and the best stroke, the optimized strength design and high-quality components endow CS with greater compressive capacity. 

Superior particle shapeThe interparticle crushing principle with high pendulum frequency of movable cone increases the capacity and improves particle shape of the product significantly, making the proportion of superior particle shape in the finished products increase significantly and particle shape in the finished products increase significantly and particle shape is more regular.

Various process requirements; CS(H) can be applied to both coarse crushing and fine crushing. For a certain type of CS(H) cone crusher, there are various cavities to choose, and the eccentric distance can be adjusted by CS(H) cone crusher anaing the eccentric sleeve. Different cavities and eccentric distances can be equipped according to different production processes so that the equipment value can be maximized. CS(H) cone crushers can provide excellent performance in secondary crushing, and it is an also the best CS(H) cone crusher choice for tertiary and quaternary crushing. As a secondary crusher, the capacity of the production line can be greatly improved by maximizing the primary crusher`s closed side setting.

Long lifespan lining plate; The design concept of constant crushing cavity means that the cavity shape remains the same when lining plate is worn, while can ensure high crushing efficiency thus aieving synronized wear of lining plate. Avoiding local damage of lining plate, and reaing a consistent wear rate, extending the cycle of lining plate.

Safe operation; this cone crusher was equipped with full automatic control system, Full automatic control system adopts PLC+touch screen control mode, real-time monitors temperature, pressure, electrical Flow and other core parameters, and automatic control to ensure safe operation of equipment


Enhanced Frame; The whole frame structure and the layout of the strengthening rib are Optimized. Besides, the upper frame adopts unique star jib structure.

Transmission system; By using spiral bevel gear, the transmission system ensures that the transmission process is high-efficient, reliable and stable with low noise and long lifespan.The transmission shaft adopts rolling bearing and unique bearing material to promise a greater compressive capacity.

Unique Main Shaft Strut and Sliding Bearing Design; For the main shaft, strut o n both ends design stabilizes the stress and improves the equipment's bearing capacity and reliability.  Special oil wedge design for sliding bearing can avoid direct functional contact of the shaft and bearing. In addition, special bearing materials bring greater compressive capacity, excellent ability to resist adhesive and amazing adaptability in poor working conditions.

Discharging Adjustment & Overload Protection; By adopting a structure that combines main shaft floating and lift control by hydraulic pressure, the discharging adjustment and overload protection are integrated and can be achieved meanwhile. The optimized structure design simplifies the crusher structure while ensuring the performance. Compared with other types of cone crushers, the series needs no extra additional complicated discharging adjustment device or tramp releasing system

Optimized Hydraulic Lubrication Station; Integrated design of hydraulic station and lubrication station saves the installation space.


Technical parameters of SC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) install Power(kw) capacity(t/h)
SC(S)100 C1 250 22 90 85-170
C2 200 19 90 70-130
SC(S)160 C1 360 25 160 125-345
C2 300 22 160 108-305
SC(S)250 C1 450 35 250 267-605
C2 400 29 250 225-515
SC(S)315 C1 560 41 315 349-1050
C2 500 38 315 318-892

SC-S series of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher parameters:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) install Power(kw) capacity(t/h)
SC100 F1 150 10 90 45-135
F2 90 10 90 43-118
F3 50 6 90 36-71
SC160 F1 200 13 160 69-215
F2 115 10 160 57-184
F3 75 8 160 63-126
SC250 F1 215 16 250 116-396
F2 140 13 250 97-328
F3 70 8 250 95-252
SC315 F1 275 16 315 177-662
F2 175 16 315 162-552
F3 85 13 315 195-401
SC560 F1 300 22 560 448-1512
F2 195 19 560 380-1373
F3 90 13 560 357-912
SC750 F1 370 25 750 394-2181
F2 300 19 750 342-2020
F3 230 16 750 267-1814
F4 120 13 750 248-1165
F5 85 10 750 185-1170

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